Kundali Pass Trek

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Located at an elevation of 4550 meters, pass is one of the longest and highest in Dhauladhar range. As said by locals, their forefathers named it “kundali” as it looks like a giant snake coil. There is also so many fairy tales associated with the pass which add more charm to it.

Kundli Pass is one of the highest pass in the Dhauladhar range connecting to the Bharmour region. This rarely used shepherd trail is one of the toughest trails in the region laced with a rich amount of legends and fairy tales. The remoteness of the trek provides a good opportunity for encountering with the big wildlife like bears and leopards. Kundli Pass at an elevation of (4550m) stands between Mun Peak (4650m) and Toral Pass(4375m).It is rarely used by trekking groups and even by the locals to cross to Kuwarsi with their flock. The ascent to the pass is very steep from Kangra side but moderate from Kuwarsi (Chamba) side. The shape of the pass is like a snake coil hence the name “Kundli”. Gaddis offer their prayers wherever they have installed Tridents and images of Goddess Kali and Nag Devta along the Pass. According to one legend it is said that a Gaddi Shepherd once went to this pass where a Saral (Phython) lay coiled there. The Saral swallowed the shepherd. The shepherd had a Sickle in his hand and he used it to break himself free by killing the snake.Then he buried the snake using the snow nearby. The snow over time has turned into a glacier called as Sarali da Pher (Serpents Glacier) which still exists and the trail to Kundli Pass is over this slippery glacier.


  • Panoramic views of Dhauladhar Range and Panjal mountain range
  • Overnight Stay in Caves
  • Waterfalls and Wildlife
  • Rich Flora And Fauna
  • Experienced Trekking Guide
  • Glacier walking
Day 1- Khaniyara-Thatharna (2600 meters)
Khaniyara is Eight kilometers from Dharamshala, capital of Kangra District. Its famous for its Shiva temple and Bhoot Shila, with a legend stating its a ghost tied up with sacred inscriptions on boulders. Our trek begins from here towards Thatharna which is 9 kilometers from Khaniyara. Its easy to moderate climb which passes through Katuhi Village and then climbs to reach Thatharna a camping ground located on a spur, surrounded by green pastures and temporary settlements. We camp here tonight. From a gradual ascent, the trail turns into a steep and ardous climb at its final stage. Its not very well marked trail since its rarely used. After nine kilometers of hike we reach Bakhalodu which is a camping ground with availability of rock shelters, water and wood. We camp here tonight.
Day 2-Bakhalodu to Chulethar across the Pass
The climb towards the pass is very steep and involves negotiation through massive boulders and steep vertical ridges. We start early today. The path is not well marked and difficult to find for a beginner, once we reach on top we will able to see panaromic views of the valley on both sides of the Dhauladhar. There are Trishuls (Tridents) atop the pass where Shepherds seek blessings and offer prayers. From here to path descends and passes a snow patch as we reach our camping ground at chulethar. We can camp here or walk 3 kilometers aheads to camp at Rock Shelters near Galad Got.
Day 3- Chulethar-Kwarsi - 2700 meters
Today is a tiring day as the trail is steep and unmarked. As we descend a steep slope towards a wooden temple of Bangeri Mata surrounded by dense forest. The trail is easy from here till Kwarsi village. We will b camping here tonight. We ascent towards Sia Pass today which is a moderate pass at 2800 meters altitude. From here we will descend towards Chanhauta through a steep slope. We cross a wooden bridge over a water stream before climbing up to the pass. We will cross thick forest of pine and oak until Chanhauta which is a big village and a guest house. We stay here tonight.
Day 4- Machaitar to Bharmour
We trek 2 kilometers towards Machaitar, where our cars will be waiting for you to take you to Bharmour at your guest house. End of Trek




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